I.          Service Policy:

Products sold by Samsung Electronics Latinoamerica are warranted against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for the limited warranty period specified for each product.

Products that are not inspected or checked by an ASC (Authorized Service Center) will automatically lose their warranty.

The consumer, whose name appears on the invoice, must present the products proof of purchase and the warranty certificate.

Samsung will Repair products within their warranty period and that are being used under normal circumstances, in accordance to the user manual, and that are being used for the purpose for which they were designed for.


The costs incurred by installation, maintenance, and product operation explanation are not covered by warranty; therefore they are the end user’s responsibility.

   II.          Before-sale products warranty (Stock):

SELA       will provide to all of the products and clients a Stock Warranty starting on the production date until the date in which the service was requested.

The Stock Warranty applies to all products that are in the client’s warehouse (have not been sold to the consumer).


The Stock Warranty for all products will be of 15 months as follows: three (3) months for the distribution period and twelve (12) months for stock period; in total, the stock warranty period of all products will be of fifteen (15) months.


During the warranty period, you do not need a written authorization from the service department for the care of your product and must submit a letter on your company letterhead certifying that it is a stock product. The letter must contain the following information: complete model code and serial number.

The client must cancel the repair if the product is outside the warranty period.


Products will not be exchanged unless they have been verified by an Authorized Service Center. Products for which no defect can be found will not be exchanged.


Display or exhibition products will not be accepted for Product Exchanges.


-         Stock Warranty




Warranty Term (Months)


Hand Held Phone

HHP Mobile phones





Warranty coverage:


SELA will cover the warranty for all products sold by the SELA subsidiary and by the representative offices that are under SELA’s management: office in Miami, Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador.


The warranty is valid in the countries that are under SELA’s responsibility (see table).


SELA does not cover warranties in countries that are not under SELA’s responsibility nor cover the warranty of products brought from other subsidiaries.





 III.          Consumer Warranty:


The warranty begins from the purchase date of the product. For the warranty to be honored, the consumer must request service through the Contact Center.


Warranty is determined by the product type and market.


Consumer must present the purchase invoice of the product for the warranty to be honored. If the client does not provide the purchase invoice then the product will be treated as an out of warranty product.

Consumer must provide a copy of the purchase invoice for onsite repairs.




-        Consumer Warranty: Hand Held Phone HHP









Hand Held Phone HHP










***Others: Countries that are not in the list.

***Warranty Terms may vary due to the market.




End user must communicate with the Contact Center whenever they have a defective product so that they can open a service order.


See below table for Contact Center telephone numbers per country.





Costa Rica


6:30AM ∼ 6:30PM



7:30AM ∼ 7:30PM



6:30AM ∼ 6:30PM



7:30AM ∼ 7:30PM

Puerto Rico / Florida


8:30AM ∼ 8:30PM



8:00AM ∼ 8:00PM

El Salvador


6:30AM ∼ 6:30PM


1-800-SAMSUNG (7267864)

8:30AM ∼ 8:30PM

Trinidad & Tobago

1-800-SAMSUNG (7267864)

8:30AM ∼ 8:30PM

Rep. Dominicana


8:30AM ∼ 8:30PM



6:30AM ∼ 6:30PM



6:30AM ∼ 6:30PM

Costa Rica


6:30AM ∼ 6:30PM


*** End users must take their defective products to an Authorized Service Center if there is no Contact Center telephone number for their country; if there are no Authorized Service Centers then the end user may contact the Contact Center through an e-mail to request assistance (go to www.samsung.com)


   V.          Product Return Policy


Only in-warranty products qualify for a Product Return.


The Distributor will provide the end user with a new product after SELA has given authorization.


SELA will open an account for the Distributor for payment of exchanged products. The amount that the distributor invoices Samsung must be the cost of the product placed on the country plus the legal taxes (landed cost).


A monthly detail of approved returns will be sent to the Distributor for account reconciliation; during monthly closing, the amount in the Product Return account will be applied to the Distributors Product account in case that there is an open Account Receivable balance.


If there is no open balance in SELA’s Accounts Receivable then a wire transfer will be made to the bank account that the Distributor has provided or a check will be generated. If the Distributor has an open AR balance with Samsung, then a Credit Note will be applied.


SELA will only give refunds to Product Returns that have been approved by the Service Department (authorized personnel: Managers, SVC Post, and Assistant Managers).


Only the ASC can determine the product return in accordance to the Return Policy and the inspection result.




6 months

-     Production date ∼ Service Request date

-        Verify serial number label

Parts not available

45 days without repair




End user:


Consumer Electronics → 30 days

(Audio and Video, White Goods, Air Conditioners, Printers, Computers, MP3)


Cellar telephones, Tablets       →   7 days

Purchase date ∼ Service Request date.


Parts not available

30 days without repair

3 repairs

Product repaired more than 3 times


  1. Loss of Warranty Coverage (void of warranty)


  1. Expired warranty term.
  2. Products with removed or altered serial number.
  3. Products with non authorized modifications in their identifications.
  4. Products with damage caused by inadequate and/or incorrect use (based on the service manual) or with exterior damage (dents, cosmetic damage, scratches, water damage, and food inside the unit.
  5. Products with damage caused by Installation, repair, or reinstallation from non Authorized Service Centers.
  6. Products with damage due to transportation.
  7. Products with damage caused by loss or accidents such as fires, power/voltage fluctuations, vandalism, water, sand, insects, or other foreign substance.
  8. Products with damage caused by nature such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, electrical storms, etc.
  9. The following are not covered by warranty: batteries, cassettes, speakers, remote controls, accessories, needles, and plastic/cosmetic parts.
  10. Low brightness on screen due to normal aging in the screen tube, lamp, or burnt images.
  11. Products that have been altered or modified; such as reprogrammed DVD units for multi-zone purpose.